A Jiu-Jitsu Expert Shows How To Respond When An Airline Tries To 'Reaccommodate' You

It's hard to tell where the satire ends and the practical advice begins

Four days after disturbing footage surfaced of security personnel forcibly dragging a man off a United Airlines flight, the company has taken criticism from across the country. Aside from an incredulous public and furious passenger rights groups, the Chicago-based carrier is now drawing the ire and mockery of a jiu-jitsu training school .

In what appears to be a tongue-in-cheek video, an instructor at Gracie Breakdown has released a lesson in how to stand your ground should some security goons approach trying to “reaccommodate” you or your fellow travelers.

While the premise may be in jest, the lesson is in earnest. The Gracie family developed the Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighting style and rose to prominence as the first family of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) as a nascent organization in the late 90s.

It's hard to imagine when the deployment of Brazilian jiu-jitsu would diffuse a confrontation, but the message here still mirrors those coming from more conventional outlets—if a company is going to physically impose itself on you, you can push back.