LeBron James Makes Impassioned Plea For Better Leadership In Youth Sports

After being named to Fortune’s 50 Greatest Leaders list, he says who the real leaders are

Image via LeBron James Family Foundation/Facebook

Fortune released its list of the “World’s 50 Greatest Leaders” last week and slotted in at No. 11—right between German Prime Minister Angela Merkel and Ohio Governor John Kasich—was three-time NBA champion LeBron James. Fortune noted that it included LeBron among such luminaries as Pope Francis and Elon Musk because of his leadership on and off the court. “James has realized this ambition through the LeBron James Family Foundation, which will provide mentoring and full college scholarships to 1,100 underprivileged children in his hometown of Akron.” The program also provides bicycles for kids who can’t afford them, through it’s Wheels For Education program. James’ foundation even began offering educational and financial support to Akron adults who want to get their GED certificate.

LeBron took to Twitter to acknowledge his inclusion on the list, but he quickly turned his attention toward the people who helped lead him from being an underprivileged kid in Akron, Ohio, to a career in the NBA: parents, teachers, and youth coaches. And while honoring those mentors, he argued that the next generation of coaches needed to step up and lead.