An NFL Player Tested The League’s New Celebration Policy With Some Sweet Moves

“That’s not a flag! That’s not sexual — that’s grooving.”

Every season, critics slap the well-worn “No Fun League” moniker on the NFL for their suppression of on-field celebrations. In an effort to prove there’s still some fun left in football, the NFL loosened post-touchdown celebration rules for the upcoming season, allowing players to be a bit more emotive after a big play.

Nonetheless, declaring a celebration “excessive” is still a subjective call. To be on the safe side, Tampa Bay defensive lineman Gerald McCoy garnered some feedback from an authority on the matter: veteran NFL official Ed Hochuli, who happened to be in attendance at Bucs training camp.

McCoy asked “Is this too much?” as his moves evolved from the innocuous to the downright sultry. The back-and-forth was fun, if not entirely comprehensive.

It warrants mentioning that McCoy will likely never score a touchdown as a defensive lineman, which makes his exploration of the rules all the more wonderful.