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A World-Class Pole Vaulter Explains Why She Doesn’t Care About 'Pretty' In Her Action Shots

Her comment quickly garnered photo submissions from many female athletes in the throes of exertion.

The world’s most prominent athletes are, sometimes unknowingly, the subject of countless photos while they compete. Those photos become shared social media images, headlines, and even memes. Athletes are focused on winning during their contests, so the overwhelming majority have zero interest in adding degrees of difficulty to their performance by maintaining a photogenic demeanor mid-event.

But, sadly, that doesn’t stop internet trolls from attacking the way athletes — and more often than not female athletes — look during their moments of peak performance. It’s unfair, it’s stupid, and it’s something that prominent athletes must contend with.

Sandi Morris, a 2016 Olympic silver medalist and the holder of the U.S. women’s outdoor pole vault record, has no intention of apologizing or conforming to the unreasonable expectations many have expressed.

She let the world know as much on Twitter.

She was quick to receive the Twitter equivalent of a chorus of “amens” from women athletes who realize that pushing your body as hard as you can doesn’t exactly result in a glamour shot but still serves as a testament to the subject’s drive and intensity.

The gallery of photos that followed Morris’ proclamation was nothing short of inspiring, with Morris herself commenting positively on many of the photos shared.

The entire thread is worth a once-over, and it can be viewed, complete with Morris’ comments on many of the photos, here.

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