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Jordan Peele Is Happily Accepting Twitter Credit For A Game-Winning Shot By Jordan Poole

It’s easy to see how excited fans could have made this mistake.

Jordan Peele has been riding a wave of goodwill and accolades for writing and directing the 2017 movie “Get Out,” but even after awards season, the congratulations keep coming in. The most recent batch, however, is decidedly less deserved than earlier raves — as they’re attributed to a case of mistaken identity.

In the second round of the 2018 NCAA tournament, Michigan’s Jordan Poole hit an unlikely buzzer-beater against Houston that won his team the game. Considering just how similar the names “Jordan Poole” and “Jordan Peele” are, it should come as little surprise that Twitter users quickly addressed their praise to the wrong party.

First, let’s admire Jordan Poole’s last-second shot:

Now, let’s check out some of the praise that Jordan Peele, who has no publicly known pedigree in basketball, received for another person’s athletic feat:

Well, Jordan Peele isn’t so jaded that he’s going to shrug off praise, deserved or otherwise, so he was quick to acknowledge the love in deadpan fashion on Twitter.

Jordan Poole, the young man behind Michigan’s last-minute theatrics, couldn’t help but laugh at the confusion.

With that heartfelt message, Peele dropped the act and offered a sincere congratulations to the star of the NCAA tourney’s opening week.

Peele still has his Oscar, and it’s a safe bet that if he weren’t tracking Michigan’s progress in the big dance before, he probably is now.

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