This brilliant post-Thanksgiving workout is all about helping overworked moms around the house.

Melt away those calories and make mom proud at the same time.

If you’re like me, you’re dreading this year’s Thanksgiving, a squash-laden opportunity to re-confront the prejudices of family members. In the interest of “coming together” and tackling uncomfortable but important conversations, we can’t shy from the task.

We can, however, prepare for the ramifications. Ideally, nuanced critique of the insidious ways racism and sexism have commandeered the political energy of much of the country’s economic and religious anxieties will result in thoughtful and respectful debate and self-reflection. But in the case of hurled pies and smashed wine glasses, it’s important to have a plan for soliciting forgiveness.

Toward that end, we present a workout plan that doubles as a loving ode to whichever Thanksgiving host most loathes your opinion that Muslims and Mexicans are cool. It’s a routine of household chores designed to burn off all that turkey, while showing your angry parents or grandparents you still love them, even if you disagree about abortion and deportation.

Art by Addison Eaton

Note: This article was originally published on November 23, 2016.