Random Act of Sport: ‘Spider-Man’ Climbs Building To Save Child Stuck In Window

“I got there and found the boy barely moving … I decided to climb up”

Image via CCTV News

Liang Lei heard the screaming crowd before recognizing the problem. Three weeks ago, people gathered outside an apartment building in Liaocheng, a city in eastern China. A two-year-old boy was hanging outside a window, with his head stuck between the bars. Liang jumped into action.

“I got there and found the boy barely moving,” Liang told China Daily. “His legs were shaking. I decided to climb up.”

Using the bars covering lower-level windows as grips and pegs for his feet and legs, he scaled the building. When Liang reached the child, he held him against the wall until a locksmith arrived to let the two inside. The boy’s parents had reportedly left him home alone.

“The security window left a trace on the boy’s neck,” Liang said afterward. “If the boy turned his head, he would fall from the gap of the bars.” Both were otherwise unharmed.

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