Random Act Of Sport: Girls Accidentally Pull Off Insane Water Bottle Flip

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Kids these days flip water bottles, in case you missed it in The New York Times . But few have pulled off a trick as serendipitously beautiful as these two girls.

Filming themselves last month using the do-it-yourself music video app, the unnamed legends appear to be attempting a classic tandem bottle flip, in which two people flip bottles simultaneously.

But as the bottles rose in the air, their paths crossed, converging on a similar path down to the table. The first bottle lands on its side, while the second bottle lands soundly on top of the first bottle .

It takes a moment for the girls to react, but after realizing the magnitude of the event, they scream.

Reasonably so. The confluence of gravity and luck defies the theatric intentionality of senior talent show bottle flipper, Mike Senatore, or the practiced antics of the That’s Awesome siblings.

These girls accomplished the impossible without trying.

In “Random Act of Sport,” GOOD highlights extraordinary athletic feats by ordinary folk.