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Tony Romo Put On His Broadcasting Hat During A Golf Round, Announcing His Own Play

Even when faced with a tough shot, Romo didn’t lose his sense of humor.

After just one year in the broadcast booth, Tony Romo is considered one of the NFL’s premier announcers, in part due to his casual asides and jovial demeanor. The former Cowboys QB showed those qualities aren’t just confined to the broadcast booth as he recently played a round of golf while offering a play-by-play on his own performance.

During the Pebble Beach Pro-Am, Romo used a microphone he had been given to check in periodically with the (real) broadcasters, tucking the device into his pocket when it was time to take a shot.

As he lined up for a tricky bunker shot on an approach at the 17th hole, Romo, wearing a headset, jokingly asked the announcers to stop talking as he was lining up to take a shot.

The shot may not have been perfect, but it was plenty impressive coming from an amateur.

We’ll get to see Tony Romo take a more serious approach to his golf game in March, when the QB will be participating in a real (non-pro-am) event after the PGA gave him an exemption to join a tournament held in the Dominican Republic. We’ll miss his clever commentary, but he’ll no doubt appreciate being able to golf without all that burdensome recording equipment.

Football players had a strong showing at the Pebble Beach event. Four-time Pro Bowl wide receiver Romo won the pro-am with partner and tour pro Kevin Streelman. The duo took the title by a wide margin, beating the next pair by seven strokes.

Maybe retired NFL players have another sport left in them after they walk away from football.

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