NBA Player Shuts Down Tomi Lahren's 'Shithole' Response With A Moving (And Scathing) Tweet

Lahren, smartly, took Gobert’s brilliant and empathetic tweet without further comment.

Rudy Gobert has lived his adult life as a foreigner in the United States, playing for the Utah Jazz since joining the league from France in 2013. It’s unlikely that President Trump had France or any other western European countries in mind when he made his now-infamous comments about immigrants from “shithole” countries, but that didn’t stop Gobert from speaking up as an immigrant himself.

When right-wing spokesperson and media personality Tomi Lahren doubled down on Trump’s remarks with the below tweet which transcended insensitivity right into ignorance, Gobert was quick to speak up from his personal experience as an ex-pat in the U.S.

Rather than return a message that clearly came from a place of hate and intolerance, Gobert shut down Tomi’s line of thinking with questions about hope and dreams. In a scathing mic drop, he finished off his tweet that essentially destroys Lahren’s entire raison d’être.

Gobert’s own NBA dreams were realized, but it’s clear from his response to Lahren and Trump’s remarks that this doesn’t mean he’s willfully ignorant of the plight that millions of others face in pursuing their dreams in the United States.