Tom Brady Wore A Truly Bizarre Jacket And The Internet Had A Field Day

Welcome to Inflategate

Welcome to “Inflategate.”

Tom Brady and The New England Patriots are going back to the Super Bowl. There’s no denying Brady’s place in NFL history. If he’s not the greatest quarterback to play the game, he’s certainly very, very close on the eve of his seventh Super Bowl appearance and potential fifth championship ring.

But that doesn’t make him immune to criticism, and it certainly hasn’t stopped the Internet from making hilarious memes out of nearly all the out-of-the-box decisions he makes from new diets to haircuts to reportedly being pals with President Trump.

The latest example came during Sunday’s AFC Championship game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Brady and the Patriots absolutely dominated the game, but it was Brady’s truly strange sideline jacket that has tongues wagging on social media.

It’s unclear exactly what was up with Brady’s jacket. Presumably, it was a modified coat designed to keep him extra warm in the frigid New England climate. Maybe it was being filled with a stream of warm air. We just don’t know. Thankfully, we have the internet here to offer us the next best thing: