The Make-A-Wish Foundation Outdid Themselves By Transforming This Boy’s Backyard Into Fenway Park

'Fantasy Fenway’ was created with the help of 100 volunteers and Fenway’s actual groundskeeper

When Thomas Hastings was asked by his parents and the Make-A-Wish Foundation what he would like most, he didn’t hold back. The 10-year-old, who has undergone numerous spinal surgeries for scoliosis and been diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, knew what he wanted—his very own Fenway Park.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation, along with 100 volunteers and actual Fenway groundskeeper David Mellor, accepted the challenge and got to work creating Fantasy Fenway, a replica of the Red Sox ballpark made to scale in Thomas’ backyard.

With hard work and professional expertise, they nailed it down to the smallest details.


There’s the iconic Citgo sign:


The even more iconic manual scoreboard:


And this incredible view from the field:


To see the amazing effort that went into granting Thomas’ wish, as well as his reaction to this incredible gesture, check out the moving video created by Make-A-Wish.