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This restaurant is becoming everyone's favorite by allowing customers to 'pay what they can”

The aim of the diner is to make healthy food accessible for everyone and prompt conversation and connection in the community.

This restaurant is becoming everyone's favorite by allowing customers to 'pay what they can”
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A restaurant that serves food on a pay-what-you-can basis plays an important role by providing healthy food to the community at reasonable rates. Located in Stroud in South West England, "The Long Table" is changing how people think about food and eating out. The eatery and community center have received attention because of its unique model. In the restaurant, people can come and order their food, tell what they can pay for and receive a meal token as they get their food. The core idea behind the diner is to make healthy food accessible to people. The restaurant serves "still-good food" rescued from landfills. It employs 22 full-time and part-time employees becoming a good source of employment for the community along with providing food for people living in Stroud, as per My Modern Met.


The restaurant is also tackling the food waste problem in some ways. As per the outlet, the restaurant serves lunch five days a week and its store portion is open for a breakfast of coffee and cake every morning. They also serve hot dinners every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Not just that the restaurant features a new menu every day and includes dietary options like gluten-free and plant-based food. The restaurant also makes conversation and community possible for its patrons. The name, "Long Table," comes from the establishment's long tables. It has been set up in a way that people can sit face to face with each other while having a meal and have conversations with each other, becoming a place that brings positive connection in people's lives.


The restaurant's website carries a heartwarming message, “At The Long Table, community and great food sit side by side. Whoever you are, whatever your story, pull up a chair and join us as we evolve the very notion of what a restaurant can be.” Food and conversations are at the center of a happy society. Unfortunately, the restaurant is currently facing eviction because the mill it repurposed has been sold to a new landlord. They'll have to move out of the place before August 25, 2024. To fill the time, the restaurant hosts a plethora of "Operation Fill-the-Mill" so that their community can utilize their services to the fullest. Community members are still hoping that the diner can retain its original location and continue its services. They've also released an open letter so the new owner can let the diner function from the old location.

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The letter aptly highlights the situation and reads, "At a time when almost every aspect of our lives is ruled by the logic of profit, consumerism and growth at any cost, the Grace Network and the organizations it has nurtured offer an alternative. We are deeply concerned about the loss of a community space that has become a haven." The impact the diner has had on the local community is quite evident. Another part of the open letter says, “Collectively we hope a solution can be found which means that this loved, and very much needed, community resource can remain at Brimscombe Mill. If that is without possibility, then we implore you to allow them more time to find a new location to recreate the wonderful and essential hub they have worked so hard to build.”  

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