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A guy started trolling his 'friend' for saying stupid stuff on Facebook, but who is really the jerk here?

Who’s worse? The mega-racist idiot or the guy who’s stalking his Facebook page?

A guy started trolling his 'friend' for saying stupid stuff on Facebook, but who is really the jerk here?
Trolling through questionable friendships. | Photo from Pixabay and Facebook.

Article originally appeared on 6.20.21.

Imgur user BeefGir posted a series of Facebook posts in which a man named Robert mercilessly trolls his “friend" Brendan for saying stupid stuff. The gallery on Imgur is titled, “When you become a smart trolls personal enemy," which makes it seem like Robert and the Imgur user are probably the same person.

Brendan seems like the Facebook friend from hell who anyone with more than two brain cells has probably muted. He's a racist with terrible views on pop culture and questionable math skills.

So here are some of Brendan's most asinine posts and his friend's trollish responses.

1. Shots fired.

Gay marriage.
via Imgur | Gay marriage.

2. Things get scientific.

Science behind the movie The Martian.
via Imgur | Science behind the movie The Martian.

3. Then political.

Immigration reform.
via Imgur | Immigration reform.

4. Brendan's numbering system is introduced.

Movie reviews.
via Imgur | Movie reviews.

5. And Robert will not let it go.

The call back joke.
via Imgur | The call back joke.

6. Will. Not.

The weather report.
via Imgur | The weather report.

7. Brendan hates Monty Python!

Monty Python.
via Imgur | Monty Python.

8. And he loves Donald Trump.

Political views.
via Imgur | Political views.

9. Now Robert's bringing his agenda to other people's timelines.

Legalization of drugs.
via Imgur | Legalization of drugs.

10. Still struggling with numbers. And movie titles.

The Toy Story franchise.
via Imgur | The Toy Story franchise.

11. And objects.

Interior design.
via Imgur | Interior design.

12. They can't get straight who is straight.

Back to sexual orientation issues.
via Imgur | Back to sexual orientation issues.

13. Oh my god, shut up, Rob!

via Imgur | Birthdays.

14. This is basically wishing someone would die.

Adventure seeking.
via Imgur | Adventure seeking.

15.'re the terrorist in this situation.

Cyber bullying.
via Imgur | Cyber bullying.

Who do you think is worse? The mega-racist idiot, or the pathetically determined asshole?

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