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A Gorgeous, Floating, Glowing Bicycle Roundabout for a Lucky Dutch Town

This bike bridge by ipv Delft illuminates the city of Eindhoven while offering a solution to traffic in a populated residential area.

Shaped like a flying saucer, and hovering over the Dutch city of Eindhoven, the recently opened cyclist and pedestrian roundabout is not only an innovative bridge system designed just for bikes, it also serves as a new kind of landmark for the city. Conceived as a solution to an overwhelming traffic problem after a housing complex was built in the area, the Hovenring—as the bridge is called—was designed by Netherlands-based firm ipv Delft.

It not only makes cycling more fun in this city—home to the Philips lighting company and so nicknamed the 'City of Light'—but it also symbolizes the area's main industry, with special care placed on the lighting design of the steel bridge for both functional and aesthetic purposes. The designers created the structure to make a clearly visible ring of light at night.

They explain: "Together with the illuminated pylon, the ring of light ensures the bridge’s spectacular appearance at night. The functional lighting is integrated into the railing, where LED-lighting illuminates the bridge deck and ensures facial recognition of the bridge users at the same time. Lights attached to a cable framework in between pylon and bridge deck and to the inner surface of the circular counterweight illuminate the intersection underneath."

Until this spectacular concept comes to a city near you, here's a video of the action so you can live vicariously through the cyclists of Eindhoven.


Photos courtesy of ipv Delft

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