A Jar You Can Get All the Peanut Butter Out Of

A common kitchen problem, solved. Soft of.

It's a frustration for all of us, I imagine. That bottle of ketchup, jar of peanut butter, or container of salsa just isn't designed in such a way that you can conveniently access the stuff inside. And the problem is especially bad when levels get low. It's as if the package designers didn't think you were interested in eating that peanut butter anyway.

Sherwood Forlee's solution, Easy PB&J Jar, has a lid at either end.

This design might not be perfect. It could be messy trying to open the bottom end of the jar when all the contents have been sitting on the lid. And, of course, there are other ways to solve this problem. You could just have a utensil that's designed get stuff out of the far corners of jars. But the point is, this is a step towards solving a widespread problem.

The cynics out there might think that the peanut butter company has an incentive to force you to restock earlier, and therefore might not be interested in implementing this (or any) solution, but I think the condiment company that solves this problem first is going to win lots of loyal customers.

Via Core77