What happens when you combine a vexing public transit system and the global epicenter of technological innovation? An awesome live transit map, for one.
SF Live Bus, which launched last month as a website and iOS mobile app, shows the location of every bus in San Francisco, in near real-time. (The location data comes from the bus stops, so it's not 100 percent real-time.)
It uses information from the NextBus API—the data used to predict arrival and departure times at bus and train stations in the Bay Area—and presents it in the form of a mesmerizing, moving map—what The Atlantic Cities aptly called a "ballet of busses."
As someone who has spent more than a few nights waiting endlessly for the 49 bus, wondering if they've all been parked until morning and it's best to spring for a cab, I can say it's an exciting glimpse into public transit's promising future.

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