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Project: What's the Best Bus Route in America?

Show and tell us why your bus route is the best in America. Winners will be featured in the next issue of GOOD Magazine.

Bicycles can be chic, subways artful, but buses? Buses are not exactly the golden child of transportation. They're more like the red-headed step child: Deep down you know they mean well but they're just a little harder to love.

Yet public buses are an essential form of transit in cities across the country, and they account for a big chunk of the nearly 10.2 billion trips Americans took on public transportation in 2009. We think it's time to give a little love to one of the least celebrated modes of transit. To that end, we've teamed up with Transportation Alternatives and an impressive group of bus-loving jurors to see and hear why your bus route is the best in America.

What is it about your bus route that you love? Is your bus driver brilliant? Is the view from your window breathtaking? Do your fellow riders characters belong in a Hemingway novel?


Show and tell us why your bus route is the best in America.


Take a photo with your camera phone (no fancy cameras please) and send it to us with a 140 character or less caption by Wednesday, November 10.

Photos should be taken with camera phones and each caption should include the location and route. Please include your name and the best way to reach you.
Email your entry to:\n
Tweet your entry to: @GOOD and use the hashtag #bestbusride\n

GOOD and Transportation Alternatives will choose 15 finalists, all of whom will be featured in a GOOD Picture Show.


Our Jurors' Selection winner will be featured in the next issue of GOOD magazine and will receive a monthly unlimited ride transit pass on your system, a year subscription to GOOD magazine, and a Transportation Alternatives’ “Room to Breathe” poster.

Our People's Choice winner will receive a Contest Streets documentary, a Not For Tourists Guidebook, and a one-year subscription to Transportation Alternatives’ Reclaim Magazine.

Special thanks to our judges:

Earl Blumenauer, U.S. Congressman representing Portland, Oregon

Enrique Peñalosa, former mayor of Bogotá, Colombia, and president of the board of directors of the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy

Laura Barrett, executive director, Transportation Equity Network
Maria Teresa Kumar, executive director, Voto Latino
Carla Saulter, Seattle’s "Bus Chick"
Bryan Goebel, editor in chief, Streetsblog San Francisco
Craig Nelson, managing editor, Not For Tourists guidebooks editor
Robert Sullivan, author of Rats, New York Magazine’s “Subway on the Street”
Paul Steely White, executive director, Transportation Alternatives

Image (cc) via Flickr user shandopics

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