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Anchor Weirdly Tries To Kiss Co-Worker On Air And Gets Shut Down

“No thanks.”

Tony Jones has a storied history on the air for Channel 9 in Melbourne, Australia. He apparently also has an equally detailed history of trying to hit on his much younger, female co-worker Rebecca Judd.

The latest, creepiest example happened when Judd appeared on air to announce she would be taking a maternity leave. First, she has a visibly disturbed reaction when Jones sneaks up behind her on camera and then uncomfortable places his arm around her for an extended period of time while their co-anchor “laughs” awkwardly.

But then things get really inappropriate when Jones leans in, attempting to kiss Judd on the mouth without warning. Like an anti-sexist ninja who saw this cheap move coming from a mile away in Matrix bullet time, Judd swerves out of the line of fire just in time.

A visibly embarrassed Jones folds his arms and says, “Ok, good. Well, this is going well,” to which his co-anchor responds by adding, “You’re funny,” while a visibly creeped out Judd simply says, “Uhh, ok.”

For her part, Judd is cracking up at the end of the clip. Later on, Jones took to Twitter, referring to the moment as “awkward,” while Judd tweeted back, “you know I love you.”

So, perhaps it was all in good fun. But not so fast. As Mic points out, there are other on air examples of Jones acting inappropriately, including inviting Judd over for a “Barbie” on camera, to which the presenter replies flatly, “No thanks.”

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