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Annotated Style: Travis McFarland, The Professional Photographer

Style blogger Travis McFarland talks fish shirts, thrifted loafers, and ex-girlfriend pants.

1 "The mother of my Armenian ex-girlfriend, The Death Queen, went to visit some family in Lebanon and came back with a ton of designer garments, including this Burberry blazer. My ex doesn't really care about designer clothes; she’s more into stuff that looks like it’s from thrift stores, dumpsters or Hell. She told me I could 'borrow' it. That was over a year ago."

2 "These jeans are also from an ex-girlfriend. (This one had an Earth name). She found these in a pile in her room and said 'These don't fit me anymore, do you want them?' I tried them on and they definitely needed a belt, but otherwise looked great. Short story short, I took them. I'm cool with wearing women's jeans because my legs are too skinny for men's jeans. I have quite a few items from ex-girlfriends in my wardrobe because we usually fit similar sizes."

3 "I found these bad boys at Savers in Las Vegas, where I was visiting my friend Bebe Zeva. They’re vintage Florsheim snakeskin loafers. They look luxurious, but had a price tag of a six-dollar burger combo."

4 "I was buying a toaster at a yard sale and I saw a box of bow ties for sale. He wanted five dollars for one of them; I talked him down to three. He even threw in a free bag of Taki's mini rolled corn chips."

5 "I spotted this amazing fish print shirt at Jet Rag’s dollar sale in Hollywood. Every Sunday, they throw piles of clothes onto the parking lot for crazed thrifters to sift through. I love aquariums—you can buy fish willy-nilly and give them names without having to care that much about them. But I move all the time, and aquariums seem like a pain in the ass to lug around, so I haven't owned fish since I was a little kid. Now I can just wear one instead."

In Annotated Style, style bloggers tell the stories behind the clothes. Travis McFarland blogs at The Professional Photographer.\n

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