Annotated Style: Travis McFarland, The Professional Photographer Annotated Style: Travis McFarland, The Professional Photographer

Annotated Style: Travis McFarland, The Professional Photographer

by Amanda Hess Dylan C. Lathrop

September 6, 2011

1   "The mother of my Armenian ex-girlfriend, The Death Queen, went to visit some family in Lebanon and came back with a ton of designer garments, including this Burberry blazer. My ex doesn't really care about designer clothes; she’s more into stuff that looks like it’s from thrift stores, dumpsters or Hell. She told me I could 'borrow' it. That was over a year ago."

2   "These jeans are also from an ex-girlfriend. (This one had an Earth name). She found these in a pile in her room and said 'These don't fit me anymore, do you want them?' I tried them on and they definitely needed a belt, but otherwise looked great. Short story short, I took them.  I'm cool with wearing women's jeans because my legs are too skinny for men's jeans. I have quite a few items from ex-girlfriends in my wardrobe because we usually fit similar sizes."

"I found these bad boys at Savers in Las Vegas, where I was visiting my friend Bebe Zeva. They’re vintage Florsheim snakeskin loafers. They look luxurious, but had a price tag of a six-dollar burger combo."

"I was buying a toaster at a yard sale and I saw a box of bow ties for sale. He wanted five dollars for one of them; I talked him down to three. He even threw in a free bag of Taki's mini rolled corn chips."

"I spotted this amazing fish print shirt at Jet Rag’s dollar sale in Hollywood. Every Sunday, they throw piles of clothes onto the parking lot for crazed thrifters to sift through. I love aquariums—you can buy fish willy-nilly and give them names without having to care that much about them. But I move all the time, and aquariums seem like a pain in the ass to lug around, so I haven't owned fish since I was a little kid.  Now I can just wear one instead."

In Annotated Style, style bloggers tell the stories behind the clothes. Travis McFarland blogs at The Professional Photographer.
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Annotated Style: Travis McFarland, The Professional Photographer