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Hacktivist Group Anonymous Forms Political Party to Usher in “Civil Uprising”

The group says Humanity Party’s goals are world peace and equality for all

Anonymous, the group of unnamed hacktivists who are constantly declaring “war” against the world’s most obvious villains by momentarily taking down websites and hacking Twitter accounts, now wants to take on the U.S.’s two-party political system.

The group announced, through a bold YouTube video, it has formed its own political action organization: The Humanity Party (THumP), a political platform it hopes will usher in a “civil uprising” to “bring down the global political system.”


But it will not, however, be doing this through “the tactics of fear and intimidation” that the organization has become associated with. No, its civil uprising will be one of peace.

“These destructive and threatening means have never worked to unite the people. They have never worked to promote peace or to make real changes,” says a disguised and voice-distorted spokesperson in the introductory video. “The use of Anonymous for revolution and change must also be accompanied by the proper solutions for the change that we expect.”

What’s strange here is that Anonymous was always a structureless organization—a network of loosely affiliated hacktivist groups and individuals from around the world who often used the Anonymous “brand” to pursue their own goals. The spokesperson in the video says that THumP will be able to control its message through an “official voice of Anonymous” they have authorized.

On its website, interested voters can looked over THumP’s new proposed constitution, a hefty document that proposes the “dissolution of States’ rights” and would provide every citizen with the “basic necessities of life” (“1) Nutritious Food; 2) Comprehensive Healthcare, including mental care; 3) Safe and secure Housing and Utilities; 4) Essential Clothing; 5) Public Education from an elementary level up to and including four years at any accredited University”). What mighty goals!

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