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Chill Out With These Hauntingly Beautiful Landscapes In A Drone-Filmed Tour Of The Antarctic

Experience what it’s like to soar high above the bottom of the Earth

image via vimeo screen capture

As one of the last, great, (relatively) untouched land-masses, Antarctica is home to some of the most stunningly picturesque scenery on Earth. From fluorescent blue ice to towering sheer cliffs, our southernmost continent’s capacity to inspire awe is perhaps matched only by the difficulty it takes to get, and remain, there.

It’s that combination of awe inspiring natural beauty, and extreme environmental conditions which makes this short video by Swedish filmmaker Kalle Ljung all the more impressive. Shot entirely by aerial drone over the course of a twenty day visit to the Antarctic coast this past winter, the simply titled “Antarctica” offers a unique airborne perspective of a stunning landscape few people ever get to experience for themselves.


Explains Ljung:

We started from Ushuaia in Argentina and went to Port Williams in Chile, rounded Cape Horn and crossed the Drake Passage towards the Melchior Islands in Antarctica. We spent 16 days in the Antarctic and got to experience the most amazing scenery and wildlife before we returned back to Ushuaia.

Filmed using a DJI Phantom 2 quadcopter mounted with a GoPro HERO3 camera, “Antarctica” is more than another example of innovative aerial camera work (although flying a drone in the harsh polar climate is certainly impressive!). Rather, it’s a reminder that there’s jaw-dropping beauty to be found everywhere–even in antarctic extremes–if only you look from the right perspective.

[via Open Culture]

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