Anti-Hillary Clinton Coloring Book Published by Republican PAC

A coloring book war goes outside the lines of traditional partisan conflict

Photo: Handout via Ulysses Press

Republican PAC America Rising has published its very own “response” pages to last year's Hillary Clinton coloring bookHillary: The Coloring Book by Ulysses Press, essentially sparking a partisan coloring book battle. Which is definitely (not at all sarcastically) what America needs right now.

“A Hillary Clinton coloring book was recently released,” reads the Republican opposition research firm's website. “But we noticed there was a problem—some pages were missing. Not to worry! We fixed it, and made our own Missing Pages from the Clinton Coloring Book.”

A "missing page" on, what else, Benghazi

The new coloring book pages feature Clinton testifying at the Benghazi hearings, the Clintons’ somewhat tone deaf statements about being too “broke” to afford their various homes, as well as a gleeful mocking of Clinton's “Russia Reset Button.”

Political coloring books are nothing new, particularly among the right, with Really Big Coloring Books, Inc.'s Ted Cruz to the Future making countless headlines in 2013 and The Tea Party Coloring Book For Kidsweirding Americans out from sea to shining sea in 2010.