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Apartment Agriculture: Fresh Greens Grown Indoors, Without Sun or Soil


Water is the most precious resource we have, but it's nonrenewable, and becoming increasingly scarce. Over 70 percent of all available fresh water on Earth is used for agriculture—often at rates exceeding replenishment, and often in damaging ways due to its heavy dependence on pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and fertilizers, which lead to salinization of arable land and dead zones in our waters. This toxic runoff is responsible for more ecosystem disruption than any other kind of water pollution.
When you factor in our growing population, food safety problems, and the damage being done to Mother Nature, we're in a major global food crisis. So we at AeroFarms identified a way to mitigate all of these concerns: by growing indoors, without sun or soil and much less water. How? We use LEDs and aeroponics—a unique way of delivering nutrients and water to the plants.
AeroFarms grows locally in cities all over the world, at any time of time of the year, utilizing sustainable and socially responsible methods. Our leafy greens are high quality, fresh, and safe, harvested at their peak for the best flavor and nutritional value. We fundamentally transform the agriculture business by disintermediating the supply chain—bringing food production to where the consumer is.
Our growing technology has several advantages for faster crop turns and greater yields, due to vertical stacking and year-round growing. As a result, we have 30 times greater productivity per square foot than conventional farming and use over 90 percent less water.


We're committed to local communities—by creating jobs, educating families, and partnering with schools to help them grow fresh leafy greens right there in the cafeteria. Working with students and getting them exposed to nutritious foods as early as kindergarten has already had a big impact on better eating habits. One student, while eating baby leafy greens she had just harvested in her cafeteria, recently said, “It just tastes so good.”
If you'd like to learn more about us, visit us at, ?contact me at or tweet us @AeroFarms.\n

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