Spice Up Election ‘16 With This Candidate Name-Swap Browser Plugin

Every time you Google “Rand Paul” you’ll get “Taco Bonerstink.”

The candidate's Facebook page, transformed.

Every once in a while, an idea comes around that changes the world forever. The printing press, the polio vaccine, and now … Taco Bonerstink, a brilliant new chrome extension that turns every mention of Rand Paul into “Taco Bonerstink.” Simply type the word Rand Paul into Google, and watch the accomplished opthamologist/powerful senator/presidential candidate transform into a boner.

The app was developed by Joe Veix, the writer at Death and Taxes who once hired a troll for a day in the name of social justice. Not only does the app change Rand Paul’s name, but other political darlings are treated with similar compassion. Ted Cruz becomes Little Baby Pee Pee. Chuck Johnson, Floor Pooper. Marco Rubio, The Combover Kid, Jeb Bush, Ham Face. Hillary Clinton is identified as “Lady Inevitable,” president of The Galactic Empire. The list goes on.

Veix noted that the extension still has its kinks, but the current version still produces amazing results. Here are some screenshots of the revolutionary new innovation, changing our world one Bonerstink at a time.