To Fight Fat, This App Requires You to Move to the Music

“Moving Tracks” can make jogging all the more fun/all the less terrible.

Image via YouTube

While scientists may disagree on the best way to cure obesity, there’s one practice they all believe in—exercise and movement. That’s why a new site, Moving Tracks, developed an app to encourage people to move along to music. Moving Tracks contains great new songs by people’s favorite artists. The catch? You only get to listen to the track if you’re running. As soon as you stop, so does the song.

The site just launched a few weeks ago, but has already reached over 500,000 subscribers. While their primary audience is teens, Moving Tracks firmly believes that all of us need to get out of our (often comfortable) seats. Their goal is two-fold: to encourage people to listen to new music, and to inspire people to make exercise part of their daily routines. The more people move, the more music they get, and the better their body becomes. It’s simple science for a complicated problem. Check out the video explaining the process below.