Are Obama's Environmental and Energy Policies Drastic Enough?

There's an interesting piece by Bryan Walsh out today, about whether or not Obama is "green enough." Walsh, an environment reporter for Time (who has also graced our pages), looks at the big moves Obama has made since he took office, asking if they go far enough to get us where we need in terms of energy and environment policy.Obama is great at reaching across the aisle. We know this. The central question, then, is: Are the compromises necessitated by that kind of consensus-building too great? Greenpeace thinks so (though, to be fair, as watchdogs, it's sort of their job to). Their executive director-outrageously, in my opinion-called Obama "completely missing in action" in regards to global warming issues, and the organization was critical of the administration's controversial decision to limit the scope of the Endangered Species Act.Of course there are many who think he's doing a swell job. What do you think?