Ark, Lunar

The Alliance to Rescue Civilization has a plan to do just that in case an asteroid threatens earth.

Bad news. No matter how well we deal with our global problems, the human race still faces the possibility of a horrible fate: being wiped out by a giant asteroid. The upside is that scientists have a plan, not necessarily for us, but for our stuff: art, livestock, crops, history-even the internet. The "lunar ark," proposed by an international team of experts (no kidding: they're called the Alliance to Rescue Civilization), would be a repository of all human knowledge sent to rest on the surface of the moon so that, in the event we go the way of the dinosaur, whoever comes next won't have to start from scratch. The ark would even have a trained staff of people ready to pick up where we left off. Sounds like sci-fi, but NASA already has blueprints for a moon base that will be ready sometime around 2020. Now all we have to do is get a job on board.