ARTSTRIKE: How Artists are Responding to the "Fiscal Cliff" ARTSTRIKE: How Artists are Responding to the "Fiscal Cliff"

ARTSTRIKE: How Artists are Responding to the "Fiscal Cliff"

by Rebuild The Dream

December 17, 2012

Aren't We Burdened Enough, by Lalo Alcaraz

The Fiscal Cliff Is a Hoax, by Art Hazelwood

"People Crying," a song by Dorothy Bell

Artists, we still need your help. Please bring your creative talent to this fight. Help us highlight the problem and drive energy to the solution and to remind us why we fight.

We are taking your submissions through Monday, December 17. Then, we hope you and everyone check back here on on December 17 (or go to to experience the awesome work—and share it on your social media channels, print out your favorite piece, put it up in your neighborhood, and send it to everyone you know.

Text by Favianna Rodriguez and Mike Molina


This project is a collaboration between CultureStrike, 5D Stories, & Rebuild the Dream Innovation Fund.

CultureStrike (Favianna Rodriguez) aims to cultivate innovative and urgent collaborations between artists, writers, musicians, and other cultural workers and organizers to build public support for immigrant rights and other social issues shaping the country.

5D Stories (Michael Molina) produces, publishes, and distributes multi-media art that increases human understanding and catalyzes human potential.

Rebuild the Dream Innovation Fund is a platform for bottom-up, people-powered innovation in the areas of policy, economics, and media. Our 600,000 members live in every community across the country, and are united by a bold promise: to defend, reinvent, and advance the American Dream.


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ARTSTRIKE: How Artists are Responding to the "Fiscal Cliff"