Awesome Artificial Archipaelago Architecture

In the Dead Sea region, the clash over fresh water is heated. Even the Dead Sea itself is drying up. In thoughtful response, New York-based architect Phu Hoang Office has designed a project called "No Man's Land," an artificial archipaelago that addresses the political, social and environmental issues sprouting from the water conflict.

The proposed man-made island chain would attract tourism, provide a venue for recreation, serve as renewable energy source via solar power production, and [drum roll] produce fresh water, via extracting and desalinating water molecules from the air. And, it's amazing looking: Super-mod moon architecture meets Coney Island circa the World's Fair.

These fake islands are such a well-rounded stroke of brilliance, we're even more impressed than when New York City built an island out of a landfill and put a soccer field on top of it. Bravo, Phu Hoang Office.

Via Inhabitat