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Baby Steps to Producing Less Garbage: The Sigg (or Other Waterbottle)

This is not a new idea here, but it's been fairly revolutionary for me, so I thought I'd share: I emerged from this New Year's break with the...

This is not a new idea here, but it's been fairly revolutionary for me, so I thought I'd share:I emerged from this New Year's break with the resolve to get into a few pretty tangible resolutions, one of which was to try to cut down on how much trash I produce. I didn't feel like I had been out of control, I just liked the idea of deliberately making less. Step one for me has been acquiring a Sigg bottle-one of those aluminum and stainless steel bottles that came out of nowhere and were all of a sudden everywhere last year. Well, I didn't have one, and now I do, and the results for me have been incredible.I drink more water (and in turn less crap). I spend less money on said crappy drinks. I don't need to throw away (or even recycle) the bottles and cans from said crappy drinks I'm no longer consuming.In the first two weeks of the year, I'm guessing I've saved about $25 and 10 bottles/cans/styrofoam cups, just because I have this water bottle to refill. If I keep that up, it's about $650 and 260 containers I'm not spending and trashing this year.It's so stupidly simple, but it's working. The water bottle is now solidly in my phone-wallet-keys check before I head out the door to work in the morning.If you're so swayed, here's the link to buy a Sigg online, or of course, there are other options like U.S.-based Earthlust.

The Sigg in question next to the blog post you're reading. --Next up, I'm working on a solution for removing the daily coffee cup (or iced coffee cup) from my bin. Then we'll see if I can actually figure out a way to make totebags, or something like that, stick with me.

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