Bad News Bears

A team of geologists is currently being held hostage in remote Russia by a pack of ten-foot-tall, ton-and-a-half brown bears.

As many as 30 mean, hungry bears have cornered the scientists at their camp on the seismically active Kamchatka peninsula, 9 time zones west of Moscow. The team can't be reached by rescue helicopter or ferry due to inclement weather, and are too scared to attempt an escape after the bears ate two geologists last week.

And if being mauled by desperately hungry 1,500-pound animals doesn't kill them, bureaucracy might. Stranded for several days now, the team is anxiously awaiting permission from the government to shoot the bears, but apparently the appropriate officials have been on a coffee break or in a meeting or too busy playing Scrabulous to get around to signing off on that yet.

Hang in there, guys. All we can offer is hope and advice: Remember, if it comes down to it, hug the tiger.

Photo via [url=]Ryan McGinley's web site