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Behold: America's Largest Solar Carport Behold: America's Largest Solar Carport

Behold: America's Largest Solar Carport

by Andrew Price

January 16, 2010
The nation's biggest solar carport is ready to go. Ecofriend reports:
A massive 1MV grid-connected solar power system is ready to supply power to the auction facility in Bordentown, NJ. The system is said to be the largest solar powered carport structure in the United States. Constructed in an area of 13,000 square meters, this carport includes 5,880 solar panels of 170W capacity.
As long as we have parking lots, might as well put solar panels on them, right?Is there bigger one outside the States? I'm not sure. Back in 2000, a 540KW system in Sacramento was reported to be the biggest in the world, but there must have been many larger ones built overseas since then.More pictures here.Via PSFK.
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Behold: America's Largest Solar Carport