Beijing Architect Lives in Egg on the Street

Dai Haifei decided to abandon the entire Chinese housing system and live in this self-constructed ovoid on the sidewalk.

Housing in China can be pretty cramped, and also pretty expensive. The architect Dai Haifei decided to abandon the entire system and live in this egg he built on the sidewalk. It cost him $1,000 to build. Here are some more details:

The 6-foot-high structure, which is small enough to fit on a sidewalk, is made of bamboo strips, wood chippings, sack bags, and grass seed that’s expected to grow in the spring.


The sides also seem to pull up for ease of cleaning (see interior shot below). It will look pretty slick when it's just a big ball of grass on the sidewalk. It's also solar-powered. I can't imagine the Chinese officials are going to let this stay for long, but best of luck to Dai. See more images here.

Thanks, Lawrence