Sanders Disavows Sexist BernieBros

“We don’t want that crap,” he told CNN’s Jake Tapper.

Photo via Flickr user AFGE

Though a precise definition has yet to be determined, the term “BernieBros” refers to the male supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders who use misogynistic rhetoric in their attacks on Hillary Clinton and her supporters, proving there is not a single sphere of public discourse that men cannot make hostile with sexist commentary. There’s lots of debate about whether the BernieBros phenomena is real, imagined, or overblown. In any case, it has become a scourge on the Sanders campaign.

The senator’s campaign aides have been scrambling to combat the BernieBro influence online, and Sanders himself was compelled to speak up about it on CNN this weekend, when Jake Tapper questioned him about it. (Tapper, for what it’s worth, refers to BernieBros as “people who support you, and sometimes attack in very crude and sexist ways…”)

“It’s disgusting,” Sanders said. “We don’t want that crap. And we will do everything we can, and I think we have tried. Look, anybody who is supporting me [and] is doing sexist things is—we don’t want them. I don’t want them. That is not what this campaign is about.”

You heard it here, BernieBros: Cool it! Not in Bernie’s name.