Best Bus Route in America Contest: Winners Announced

Congratulations to the winners of our Best Bus Route in America challenge: Arthur Cherry and Alex Burchard.

As we head into the busiest travel day of the year, when more than 42 million of us will be traveling at least 50 miles by car, we're excited to announce the winners of our Best Bus Route in America contest. The winners are not from one of the East Coast cities you might expect but hail from the Midwest where, apparently, public transit is alive and well—or at least much beloved by its riders.

"It's clear that the transit lifestyle is becoming more and more popular, and these great photos give a glimpse of why people love it," says Paul Steely White, Executive Director of New York City's Transportation Alternatives.

So whether you're going home to Kansas City or New York City this Thanksgiving, we hope you'll consider taking one more trip by bus (and one less trip by car). Get some inspiration here.

Here are the winning entries:

Judges Selection: Green Line Rapid Transit Kansas City, Missouri

Image: Arthur Cherry

The Judges Selection Photo will be featured in the next issue of GOOD magazine and will receive a monthly unlimited ride transit pass on your system, a year subscription to GOOD magazine, and a Transportation Alternatives’ “Room to Breathe” poster.

People's Choice: The #29 in Chicago, Illinois

Image: Alex Burchard

Our People's Choice winner will receive a Contested Streets documentary, a Not For Tourists Guidebook, and a one-year subscription to Transportation Alternatives’ Reclaim Magazine.

Special thanks to our partner Transportation Alternatives and our amazing panels of judges including: Earl Blumenauer, Enrique Peñalosa, Laura Barrett, Maria Teresa Kumar, Carla Saulter, Bryan Goebel, Craig Nelson, Robert Sullivan, and Paul Steely White.

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