Mom Keeps Amazing Promise to Adopt Dying Best Friend’s Four Daughters

She didn’t hesitate to keep her promise.

Laura Ruffino and Elizabeth Diamond had been friends since the fifth grade, so when Elizabeth asked her lifelong friend to take care of her four daughters if anything ever happened to her, Laura didn’t hesitate.

“I instantly said ‘OK’,” she told WKBW News.

Laura’s promise would be tested after Elizabeth was diagnosed with Stage 4 brain cancer in 2014. This April, Elizabeth passed away, and Laura and her husband Rico immediately took in the girls, doubling their family’s size. Adding four new members to your household is understandably challenging, but the Ruffinos are taking it in stride.

“Ten years ago I didn’t think this would be my life. But if something gets thrown at you just accept the challenge and do the best you can,” said Rico.

An online fundraising campaign has launched to help the expanded family adjust to their new life and has already received over $67,000 in donations.

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