Bill Nye’s Patience Is Tested As He Answers Some Very Dumb Twitter Questions

“I’m thinking now, it’s cognitive dissonance”

Bill Nye is known and loved for the manner in which he brings science to the people. His celebrity first came about as a Saturday morning television show host, but as science has come under fire from political forces, he’s served as a stalwart for all scientifically minded Americans.

But as this Wired video of a Twitter Q&A shows, being a liaison between the masses and all things science can be a pretty frustrating experience. Nye’s impatience with some spectacularly dim questions is all just an act for the cameras, but it’s funny to see him field so many random, illogical questions from the very people he’s championing.

Amid the head-scratching queries are some genuinely smart and thought-provoking questions, which Nye responds to with mindful, even philosophical, answers.

For instance, when asked if alternative fuels are effective enough to fully replace our use of fossil fuels, he states (or possibly pleads), “Absolutely. Yes.” Then he explains why that’s the case, citing wind, solar, tidal, and geothermal energies as superior alternatives to burning coal, which he claims is “the worst thing we could be doing.”

If you require further proof that Bill Nye is both a man of science and a man of the people, look no further than this video.