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Boss's amazing response when employee calls in late for the first time in six years goes viral.

Everyone should have a boss this cool.

A lot of people have bosses who are jerks, and who snipe at them for any and every oversight. On the other hand, some people can really try their boss’ patience, with constant lateness and errors. But here’s an example of the perfect relationship: an excellent employee and a really cool boss.

via CainMolir/Imgur

via CainMolir/Imgur:

Imgur user CainMolir posted a screengrab of his text conversation with an employee who said she was going to be late, for the first time in SIX YEARS. Keep in mind, she’d not only not been late during those years, she'd also only taken one day off in eight years of employment, and that was to be with her son when he had his wisdom teeth out. Pretty understandable.

When you’re that amazing of an employee, it’s like you’ve racked up some points (with reasonable bosses, anyway), and you don’t even have to lie about why you’re going to be late. Just the honest truth — the dog was ridiculously cute and she had to take some pictures of him.


And not only was the boss not annoyed by the employee’s lateness, he even bought her two tickets for Bark in the Park, a Major League baseball game where people can bring their doggies.

Anyway, according to his post, she's very much looking forward to attending. There’s a lesson to be learned here, something about kindness and understanding, and also about work ethic. But let’s just go back to looking at that cute dog.

via CainMolir/Imgur

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