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Boss' wholesome note to employee's son is winning the internet

The boss was well aware that she had given her employee some 'boring' paperwork to complete and she thanked him in the best way possible.

Boss' wholesome note to employee's son is winning the internet
Cover Image Source: Reddit | u/dijay0823

Bosses can have a bad reputation for not being understanding towards their employees. However, a post on Reddit (u/dijay0823) proves that not every one is the same. Some of them are nice and downright wholesome and this post is proof. The story also shows that it's the little attention to detail that makes the difference. A man who took to Reddit to share a sweet note his boss wrote for his son and it is nothing less than heartwarming.

The person took to Reddit and shared how his boss left a note and books for his son. "Last week my boss asked me to go over some paperwork for a project, to which I said, I will make it a fun weekend activity to read through it with my son," he wrote. "For context, my wife and I have set a goal to read him 1000 books in 2024. We joked that the paperwork should count as 10 books, we chuckled and moved on. Today, I came in to work to find a couple of books and this note with those books sitting at my desk. The fact that she cared enough to not only buy the books but to write this adorable note genuinely made me smile. It’s these small details that make her the best boss I have ever had." The man also shared a picture of the note.


The note was addressed to the man's son and read, "Archer, Thank you for helping your dad read through the Demo Scripts! I know how boring they are. As a big thank you, here are some fun books to help you get to your reading goal for the year." She signed off with her name, "Liz," and a smiling face. People took to the comments to share their appreciation for the employer and the effort she makes for her employees. The Reddit user who posted the note replied to one of the comments and wrote, "I was losing faith quickly before I started working for her. I have worked for her for 6 months and sincerely feel like I have hit the jackpot. She actually makes the time to make connections with her employees. I am happily willing to go above and beyond for her and volunteer to take on extra work if it helps her because she puts in the time to care."


A Reddit user @Salt-Respect339 wrote, "I was hired by a Fortune 500 over a decade ago, being very skeptical coming from a smaller, abusive (EU based, and me in EU as well) company. What could I expect from that larger US fish, right? Only more abuse at a higher starting wage? Got pregnant 4 months in. They were happy to support me. Gave me a great review for coming back after 3 months of maternity leave and things being 'like I had never left.' As a European, so happy with my manager and company who are all about loyalty both ways. There's a reason I'm still there more than 10+ years since." Another user @K1nd_1 wrote, "That’s really kind and thoughtful. Never quit that job." It just takes a little effort and understanding to make someone's day and life better both as an employee and employer. 

Image Source: Reddit | u/setofskills
Image Source: Reddit | u/setofskills
Image Source: Reddit | u?Salt-Respect339
Image Source: Reddit | u/Salt-Respect339

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