New York Initiative Builds a ‘Kindness Wall’ in Front of Trump Tower

No, Mexico didn’t pay for it.

Photo courtesy of Daniel Forero

Tuesday morning, New Yorkers woke to a huge kindness bomb in front of the gilded entrance to the 68-floor Trump Tower in Midtown Manhattan. The two-person initiative 12 Kinds of Kindness, along with 100 volunteers, gathered in front of the high-rise and stood outside for three hours with 40-inch by 60-inch boards that spelled “BUILD KINDNESS NOT WALLS.” Some passersby cheered that the protest had been taken to Trump’s home turf. More jaded New Yorkers raced by, eyes locked on their phones.

The act was a peaceful demonstration of solidarity with the groups that have been targeted by Trump’s racist, sexist, and narcissistic tirade-cum-campaign that has bowled its way through the United States over the past six months. While Trump calls for a massive wall at the U.S.-Mexico border and measures to prevent Muslim immigrants from entering the country, 12 Kinds of Kindness aims for something very different. “Kindness has definitely been lacking this election cycle, but especially from Trump,” Timothy Goodman, the project’s co-founder, told the The New York Times. “It’s scary and horrific to see him applauding violence and exclusion in this way.”

Photo courtesy of Daniel Forero

Goodman and Jessica Walsh, two self-described selfish New Yorkers, created a series of 12 steps to help them become “kinder, more empathetic people.” Their actions to counter Trump’s message and find solidarity with those who Trump has marginalized are important because, as they say on their website, “This opportunity is not going to come again. It’s now or never.”

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