Cast Your Vote on the Cap and Trade Bill

Most likely you're not a congressman and won't get to participate in the official vote on the cap and trade bill in the House tomorrow. But, most likely, you do have a congressman or -woman who is meant to represent you. So, if you want to see the clean energy/cap and trade/green jobs bill passed tomorrow, give your representative a ring. The kind folks over at Repower America have made it nearly fall-down easy to do so. Just dial 877-9-REPOWER (877-9-737-6937) and a recording will tell you what to say, then connect you to your congressperson's office.I tried it out just now, and can confirm it's easy, and doesn't even feel that awkward.If you need more help working yourself up to it, watch Al Gore's pep talk below and follow this link .[youtube] If you'd like to review the fine print, here's the pdf of the actual bill: H.R. 2454