Feast Your Eyes: How the Paleolithic Diet Compares to What Modern Americans Eat Chart: The Paleolithic Diet vs. the Modern American Diet

Many of the foods we evolved to eat are contributing to our modern health problems. Should we be looking to our evolutionary past for answers?

This chart presents another way of looking into the diet of our evolutionary ancestors by comparing one researcher's understanding of the Paleolithic diet with the diet of the diet of 20th century Americans. As I pointed out in this post , there's still considerable debate about the merits of a Paleolithic diet and its implications in the modern diseases of affluence.

Is the diet of our evolutionary ancestors a good place to start looking for a model diet and lifestyle? Weigh in on the discussion here .

Chart via Jew, "Evolution of the Human Diet," Journal of Medicinal Food, 2009, using data from Eaton and Cordain , "Paleolithic nutrition revisited," Nature, 1997, and Hiza and Bente "Nutrient Content of the U.S. Food Supply. 1909-2004," USDA, 2007.