A Policeman Made An Extraordinary Effort To Ensure The Safety Of A Struggling Elderly Pedestrian

Police can protect and serve in simple ways such as this

Most of the time, when we note the heroism of law enforcement officers, it’s in the context of a dramatic emergency. And as this video begins, you might get the impression that’s what’s being depicted here. A policeman in China pulls his car across an intersection to block traffic, so it’s not unreasonable to think a high-speed chase or even a motorcade will follow.

Here’s the video, with a surprising and a feel-good conclusion:

This act of kindness is extraordinary in any context, but it serves to highlight a cultural tenet in China in which those who are able to often take on the responsibility to ensure care for the elderly. Normally, this philosophy manifests through elderly individuals being taken in by their adult children, but attention and care for elderly strangers is also hearteningly common.

As the video below proves, just because such an act by a police officer is kind and selfless, doesn’t mean it’s unprecedented:

The best takeaway from these videos? You don’t have to be a police officer to perform a small act of kindness for someone in need—even if you don’t know them.