Security Cam Catches Handcuffed Teen Saving Cop’s Life

Unarmed suspect uses his feet to save him.

While there seems to be an increasingly disturbing amount of incidents involving police officers caught on camera abusing their power on unarmed victims, this uplifting video depicts an incident that may be the complete opposite of that. While Florida teen Jamal Rutledge sat handcuffed at the police station, the officer processing him — Franklin Foulks — fell suddenly to the ground. The teen got up to check on the officer, and quickly proceeded to start kicking the security fence while yelling for help. It was later determined that Foulks was suffering a major heart attack, and Rutledge's actions are credited with saving his life (the incident took place last September, but the video was just published this week).

Since he's a juvenile, the status of Rutledge's case hasn't been disclosed (he was booked on a charge of burglary), but we really hope they go easy on him.

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