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Choose GOOD Video Spot By Tim And Khushboo

We're proud to report that the first video spot for our Choose GOOD campaign (whereby we donate 100% of our subscription revenue to our non-profit partners) was conceived by a member of our extended ranks rather than a hired firm. See the ad, and the story of its creation, below.[good width="560" height="316" image=""][/good]Casey Caplowe, Creative Director, GOOD: "I was asked down to Virginia Commonwealth University's Brandcenter. I went out to lunch with the program's director, Charles Hall, and a couple of the students who were particularly interested in GOOD. Towards the end of lunch Charles told me that Tim had worked on a project with GOOD as the 'client' last term, and that he wanted to show me. We went back to the school, and Tim and his collaborator, Khushboo, showed me the video. I loved it. A lot."Bristol Baughan, Head of Motion Content, GOOD: "We were discussing the creation of an ad for the Choose GOOD campaign. [Tim's] was better than any idea we were discussing so we were thrilled that it also came from a member of our community rather than ourselves. We offered [Tim and Khushboo] a bit of money, advice and editing / animating support and they delivered an original ad celebrating our non-profit partners."Tim, graduate student, VCU Brandcenter: "Khushboo and I came to the GOOD project mid way through our second year of graduate school. At the time we were both interested in creating a piece of communication for a company that contributed to society in a positive manner. Being a fan of GOOD Magazine prior to the project it was any easy fit for us. The donation through subscription model that GOOD has set up really appealed to us."

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