Trump Can’t Claim He’s a Victim of “Political Correctness” with This Hilarious New Chrome Extension

Is it political correctness—or is it just treating someone with, you know, respect?

Image via Flickr user Gage Skidmore

Poor Donald Trump. For the last few months, the humble man who called women “fat,” “disgusting,” “pigs,” has been (according to him) victimized by the P.C. police. But while many people agree that political correctness can go too far, the majority find themselves somewhere in the middle: desperately looking for a language that treats people with dignity. That’s why New Zealander Byron Clark created a chrome extension, known as PC2Respect, that automatically changes the words “political correctness” to “treating people with respect.”

The results are, of course, hilarious.

While semantics battles can get tiring, it’s mind-boggling for Clark and others to imagine that Trump and others are victims. Take a look at some of the results of PC2Respect below, and download the awesome new extension here.

(Via: Fusion)