Show This Simple Comic To Anyone Who Doesn’t Get Climate Change

More than 50 percent of Republicans in Congress deny climate change is real

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Climate change deniers: we like to pretend they don’t exist as much as they pretend science doesn’t matter, but polls show they’re definitely out there. According to Think Progress, 56 percent of Republicans in Congress refuse to believe humans are causing global warming, while some extreme conservatives go so far as to claim climate change is a hoax.

Luckily, when words don’t work, there are comics. Randall Munroe, the creative force behind XKCD, created a comic that dispels climate change myths, showing through a long yet simple timeline that the recent steep rise in temperatures is indeed a modern phenomenon. As you comb through the comic, you’ll notice how gradually temperatures have risen over the millennia, almost to the point of being boringly incremental. Once you get to the bottom, though, it’s easy to see how unprecedented an increase of just one global degree can be.

Keep scrolling to take a look for yourself, and don’t forget to share it with your climate-denying friends—or foes.

Earth Temperature Timeline