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Stephen Colbert Has ‘The Talk’ With Newt Gingrich

’Grabbing a lady because you’re a TV star is not sex, it’s assault.’

via Twitter

Tuesday night, former Republican Speaker of the House and current Donald Trump surrogate, Newt Gingrich, got into a bizarre exchange with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly. During a heated dialogue on “The Kelly File,” Gingrich accused her of being “fascinated with sex” for reporting on sexual assault allegations against Trump. Last night, “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert used Gingrich’s confusion over assault and sex to make an important point about consent.

During Colbert’s monologue, he jokingly attributed Gingrich’s lack of discernment between love making and violence to missing out on the birds-and-bees talk as a teenager. Megyn Kelly “isn’t talking about fun time bedroom whoopie making,” Colbert said. “She’s talking about assault. Oh, wait, unless Newt doesn’t know the difference. Maybe nobody gave him ‘the talk.’ ”

Colbert then looked at the camera and gave Gingrich some overdue fatherly advice.

“Newt, sweetheart, you’re growing up so fast. In fact, you’re 73. Your body’s changing, you’ve probably noticed some strange new hair growing on your earlobes. It’s perfectly natural. You’re finally old enough to know about the birds and the bees and the consent. You see, when a man has special feelings for a woman and he wants to give her a special hug, he asks her a special question, ‘You up?’ But grabbing a lady because you’re a TV star is not sex, it’s assault.”

If Trump wants to clear up his reputation with women, sending Gingrich to vouch for him probably isn’t the best idea. Gingrich has been married three times and admitted to having an affair while leading the charge to impeach president Clinton in 1998. In addition, his second wife, Marianne, told ABC News in 2012 that he once approached her about having an open relationship. So, maybe it is time someone should have a talk with Gingrich about women or, at least, encourage him to keep his mouth shut.

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