Contest: Design a Klean Kanteen Water Bottle

We're big fans of metal water bottles. They help reduce plastic waste, encourage people to use free public water sources, and, of course, keep us...

We're big fans of metal water bottles. They help reduce plastic waste, encourage people to use free public water sources, and, of course, keep us hydrated. Now, in honor of Earth Day, we're inviting you to design a Klean Kanteen Earth Day Bottle for GOOD.UPDATE: The winner has been announced!UPDATE: We've selected finalists and opened voting here.the OBJECTIVEDesign the Klean Kanteen GOOD Special Edition Earth Day Bottles.the ASSIGNMENTBreak out your art-creating equipment/software and make a design that can appear on the Klean Kanteen GOOD Earth Day bottles. The design should somehow relate to the theme of Earth Day, but it can be representational or abstract, it can be a pattern, or it could even just be text.the INSPIRATIONWe whipped up a quick example:

the REQUIREMENTSSend us an e-mail at projects[at]goodinc[dot]com with your design. Here are the technical requirements:

We'll accept submissions until 11:59 p.m. on Monday, March 8. On Tuesday, March 9 we'll update this post with information about how to vote. We'll count votes though Friday, March 12 and announce the winner on Tuesday, March 16. The winner will get five Klean Kanteen GOOD Special Edition Earth Day bottles sporting his or her design.the SUBMISSIONSFrom Voon Poh Yin:

From Sara Lesage:

From Sarah Moore:

From Prasad Nimbalkar:

From Porlin Chin:

From Nitin Garg:

From Nancy Liang:

From Michael Mangigian:

From Michael Kelly:

From Lauren Grilli:

From Lauren Adams:

From Laura Huacuja:

From Kyle Brown:

From Kat Tam:

From Huan Homez:

From Joshua Clarke:

From Jiyoon Jang:

From Jisoo Lee:

From Jeth Estacio:

From Ian Collins:

From Hafsa Durrani:

From Grace Jehan:

From Elina Muceniece:

From Diana Thomas:

From Claudia Mei:

From Carolina Acevedo:

From Carlo Espiritu:

From Carla Stine:

From Brie Reid:

From Brian Jones:

From Andy Mangold:

From Amy Vowles:

From Ada Ng:

From Timothy Bromm:

From Peter Mauer:

From Lauren Thomas:

From Joo Young Ro:

From Iain Ashford:

From Henry Balanay:

From Dan Satterfield:

From Zane Willis:

From Sarah Moore:

From Leigh Thurgood:

From Juan Moncada:

From John Walsh:

From John Vertin:

From Jennifer Meyer:

From Daniella Matutes:

From Beth Stockman:

From Angela Mitchell:

From Aaron Schaldecker:

From Tommy Pesavento:

From Ryan Patterson:

From Liz McAuley:

From Lauren Stornetta:

From Kristian Habenicht:

From Kirsten Hibbard:

From Jessica Cheng:

From Greg Ledger:

From Grace Zheng:

From Glenn Booth:

From Elizabeth Leveille:

From Daniel Braha:

From Brian Hodge:

From Brent Koning:

From Amy Beth Fierro:

From Amy Beth Fierro:

From Allyson Bragg:

From Stacey Weismiller:

From Allen Posey:

From Ashley Flitter:

From Colin Reis:

From Mark Lee:

From Dani Dauth:

From Andrew Varvel:

From Matt Peterson:

From Nicole Garrigan:

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